The innovative Blu Leaf Non-Stick technology is a ceramic-based formula completely free from all PFAS chemicals and harmful heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

How Is Blu. Cookware Created?

Step 1: 100% Recycled Aluminium

Blu. cookware starts as a piece of recycled aluminium. This piece is then forged into the shape of the cookware, creating a robust and durable cookware structure.

Step 2: Hard Anodised

Each piece of Blu. cookware goes through a controlled, accelerated oxidation process resulting in a chemically stable protective barrier over the cookware.

Step 3: Application

After the oxidation process, the Blu Leaf non-stick recipe (a gel-like paste) is applied to the cookware's inner surface.

Step 4: Cooked to Perfection

The non-stick gel is then cured, using a low temperature of 280 degrees (when compared to 420 degrees of other non-stick curing).

Second to Diamonds

The anodisation process creates a substrate over the aluminium core that is impenetrable and second to diamond on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. As a result, the aluminium will never leach or come into contact with food.

Superior Non-Stick

The result, highly durable, superior non-stick crystal-like surface that almost behaves like a wax, forcing liquid into spherical droplets that roll and tumble away, releasing food particles and protecting the surface's integrity.

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