We're on a mission to build awareness of good, clean cooking and support those who are conscious of their health and the health of their people.


We have looked at how we can reduce the impact we have on our environment throughout Blu.'s lifespan - beyond the recycled, toxin-free materials used to create Blu.

We recognise that the following are only a few steps taken and we are on an ever-evolving journey to improve, learn and make more informed choices.

Solar Power

Solar power has been utilised to generate 40% of the electricity used during production.

Repurposed, Reused

All heat produced during production is repurposed and reused.

Reused Wastewater

Wastewater resulting from the production and recycling processes is reused.

Sustainable Packaging

100% recycled paper pulp and plant inks have been used for all packaging materials.

Less Energy

Less energy is needed to 'cure' our non-stick surface versus other non-sticks containing PTFE.

CO2 Reduction

We are working with a number of partners to offset and reduce the CO2 emissions that result from the production of our non-stick surface or as part of the supply chain.

Together, we believe that by living with intention and integrity, we can unearth the power to live our fullest and best lives...

... and we think that the kitchen is a great place to start.