So, where did it all begin?

Seven years ago, a group of culinary experts and cookware manufacturers came together with a common desire: to create a cookware collection that was mindful of the health of the planet, and the people who live within it. Less than a decade later, they'd cooked up a real winner. After several rounds of design and development and rigorous testing in professional kitchens around the world, our experienced team created Blu. - a highly durable, toxin-free cookware collection made from 100% recycled aluminium and coated in a non-stick surface completely free from all PFAS chemicals (which we have called, Blu Leaf Non-Stick).


PFAS have been called 'forever chemicals' for a reason. They are everywhere and they won't go away.

Today, a lot of cookware brands claim to be free of some of the (many) PFAS chemical compounds (which are often labelled 'forever chemicals'). They talk about being PTFE-free, or maybe PFOA or PFOS free, and today some even celebrate being GenX free. Blu. is free from all of these chemical compounds, plus, all the other PFAS chemicals... plus is BPA free too. Blu. is completely 'forever chemical-free', and proud of it.