Revolutionary Technology

100% PFAS free cookware with superior non-stick performance. A new standard in cooking.

We wanted Blu. to be a different kind of cookware brand - one that placed the health of our people and planet first.

If you haven't heard our full story yet, you might not know that we've worked with professional chefs for close to 7 years to develop Blu. Yep, that's a long time. But it's definitely been worth the wait. Over those 7 years, we tried and tested a lot of prototypes, looking at different materials and ways to produce the body as well as many non-stick options.

Our biggest challenge during the test period?

Developing a a non-stick cookware that could withstand the wear and tear of being used - and cooked with - a lot and that was 100% toxin free.

We learned that when you remove all PFAS chemical compounds often found in non-stick cookware, the cookware actually becomes 'sticky' really easily, which is exactly what we were hoping to avoid.

After years of hard work, we are proud to say we have done it. Blu. features a non-stick that is completely free from all PFAS chemicals and can withstand the wear and tear of the professional kitchen.

We have called it Blu. Leaf Non-Stick. And it's anything but 'sticky'.



Completely free from all PFAS chemicals (including PFOS, PFOA and PTFE) and harmful heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.



A non-sitck surface that is not only completely free from all PFAS chemicals but one that can withstand regular use in the professional kitchen too.


100% Recycled

Highly robust, 100% recycled aluminum fully forged body with handles created from the off-cuts from stainless steel cookware.

No matter where you are in your conscious lifestyle journey,
Blu. has been created for you.

Nothing But
The Good Stuff

We make cookware with the planet and its people in mind. Blu. Cookware is a NON-TOXIC non-stick cookware collection that is 100% free of all PFAS chemicals including PFOS, PFOA and PTFE.


We are on an evolving journey. We are working to minimise the impact we have on the environment by using recycled materials for our cookware, packaging and repurposing energy resulting from production.


In collaboration with world-class culinary experts and leaders in cookware manufacturing we have developed a revolutionary cookware that features a toxin-free non-stick technology.