Introducing Blu. A revolutionary non-stick cookware collection completely toxin free.

Suitable For All

We’ve created our pans with full induction base so suitable for all cooktops.

Toxin Free

100% PFAS chemical free including PFOS, PFOA and PTFE. Free from cadmium and lead.

100% Recycled

Hard anodised, fully forged 100% recycled aluminium with stainless steel handles made from cookware off cuts.

Quality You
Can Trust

Our guarantee states that each piece of cookware is free from defects in material and workmanship under intended normal use.

Well Designed, Consciously Created


100% Recycled

100% Recycled hard anodised aluminium core.


Blu Leaf Non-Stick Technology

Revolutionary non-stick surface 100% PFAS free.


Stainless Steel Ergonomic Handle

Stainless steel ergonomic handle made from cookware offcuts.


Suitable For All Cooktops

Full induction base suitable for all cooktops. Professional chef tested.

After 7 years of rigorous testing in professional kitchens around the world, Blu. was created.

No matter where you are in your conscious lifestyle journey, Blu. has been created for you.

Even more reasons to
love your Blu. Cookware

By living with intention and integrity, we can unearth the power to live our fullest and best lives.

100% Recycled Aluminum

Stainless steel from cookware off cuts

PFAS Free Nonstick

Solar power utilised to generate 40% of the electricity used during production

Wastewater resulting from the production and recycling processes is reused

Less energy is needed to ‘cure’ our non-stick surface versus other non-sticks

Heat produced during production is repurposed and reused in other areas of the production facilities

100% recycled paper pulp and plant inks have been used for all packaging materials

Working with a number of partners to offset and reduce the CO² emissions that result from the production of our non-stick surface or as part of the supply chain