8 Steps to a More Conscious Lifestyle

8 Steps to a More Conscious Lifestyle

At Blu., we are passionate about empowering more conscious choices and supporting people to live a life filled with good health, happiness and a general sense of well-being, no matter where they are on that path.

From practising slow living to learning how to actively listen to others, below you’ll find eight simple yet profound everyday changes to help you on your conscious lifestyle journey. Soon, you will be taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint and create more room for joy in your daily life.

1. Spend time with loved ones, often

For better or for worse, our families – both genetic and chosen – play a formative role in shaping our lives. Research has shown that our family relationships provide resources that can help us cope with stress, engage in healthier behaviours, and enhance self-esteem, leading to higher well-being*. When life gets busy – as it often does – it’s important to take stock of the people who lift your spirits. Organise to drop into your parents, grandparents, siblings or friends’ homes regularly, or make consistent catch-up plans. When we are surrounded by people we love – and people who love us – our world becomes a little (sometimes a lot) brighter.


Time with friends


2. Master the art of listening

In our modern world, it can be difficult to tune into a conversation without feeling the urge to share our two cents. At Blu., we believe there are many skills to be learnt from other cultures – one being the art of listening. In some cultures, conversation etiquette is to wait for a pause in speech, or a few seconds of silence, before responding. This allows the listener time to process what has been said and compose a thoughtful response. However, in other cultures, we talk over one another – often managing two or three conversations at once! Because of this tendency to rush, it often means that our conversations remain at a superficial level, and we leave social settings feeling unheard, misunderstood and emptier than before. Next time you organise a catch-up with a loved one, try to really listen to the people around you. Notice the difference it makes to hang onto each word and put your critical thinking to work, before providing any advice of your own. 

3. Practise slow living

How often do you host a dinner party? Most of us would spend the night hurriedly preparing food in the kitchen, making sure everyone is having a good time and… oh wait, the sauce! You forgot the secret ingredient in your grandmother’s special sauce! These are human experiences, and many of us can deal with a little bit of time pressure on occasion. However, when we are in a constant state of rushing, we are in a state of stress. Aside from triggering the release of adrenaline, leading to symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, sweating and palpitations (to name a few), when we are in this cycle, it can lead to chronic health conditions such as anxiety. While any medical and chronic health conditions require a holistic professional approach and daily maintenance, you can help manage your symptoms by moving through life slowly, practising breathing exercises and planning your day and activities. Wouldn’t it be so refreshing to enjoy your dinner party?


4. Schedule in ‘me time’

Are you constantly booking catch-ups with friends, even when you feel like your social battery is completely depleted? Reconsider how you spend your free time. You could even go back to doing what you loved when you were a child, like singing, playing a sport or drawing. To help you stay on track, and if your budget allows, you could even organise a weekly, fortnightly or monthly self-care appointment. Visit the nail or hair salon, book a massage, or take a solo trip to the cinemas – the options are endless. Even if your ‘me time’ is sitting for 30 minutes at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and a book, it’s important to schedule it for yourself. When your cup is full, you will have more energy to assist and uplift others.

5. Incorporate mindful activities into your daily life

Many know ‘mindfulness’ as a trend, but it is simply a mental state of being conscious or aware of something and living in the present moment. In some ways, mindfulness is the opposite of feeling distracted. It means being fully engaged in your surroundings, with acceptance and without judgement – and just allowing yourself to be, with gratitude. If you are looking for ways to incorporate mindful activities into your life, consider trying a gentle yoga class, practising solo meditation, or journaling.


6. Aim for at least 15 minutes of movement, 5 days a week

Humans have been hardwired to believe that hardcore cardio or high-intensity pump workouts equate to better living. However, according to a 2017 report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), just 15 minutes of brisk walking per person, 5 days a week, would reduce ‘disease burden due to physical inactivity’ in the population by approximately 13 per cent*. (Disease burden due to inactivity is essentially the years of healthy life lost when you live with an illness or injury or die prematurely.) Aside from potentially living longer, just 15 minutes of exercise per day has proven benefits, such as improving mood, maintaining a healthy weight, boosting brain power and helping you to sleep. So, next time you find yourself with a spare 15 minutes, why not walk or drive to the nearest park or beach and get moving?!


7. Avoid toxins wherever possible

If you are conscious of the ingredients you cook with, it's important to be conscious of your cookware, too. Made from 100% recycled hard anodised aluminium, Blu. Cookware is coated with our revolutionary Blu Leaf Non-Stick technology and is free of all PFAS chemicals (including harmful heavy metals). Since there are no harmful chemicals used in the creation of Blu. Cookware, know that if you heat your Blu. products over 250 degrees, there will be zero toxic fumes lingering in the air. So you can cook, eat and host with total peace of mind (and you can even show off to your friends about it).


8. Take a tech break when you need it

The human brain is constantly cycling through thoughts – even when we are meditating, sitting in silence, or trying to fall asleep, our mind can’t be completely blank. Because of this, many of us avoid being alone with our thoughts. Headphones in, phone out – anything to block the dark thoughts that pop up when we least expect them. Studies have shown that humans are happier when we step away from screens from time to time. If it’s impossible to do a complete digital detox, consider deleting the app you spend most of your time on, or limiting your phone use to calls and texts only. While it’s important to stay informed on what’s going on in the world, it can be difficult to have 24/7 access to the news, so consider limiting your time on the news apps, too.


While we have highlighted eight steps to living a more conscious lifestyle today, there are many small changes you can make to help you and your family live longer, healthier and happier lives. We thank you for joining us on our mission to live a more conscious lifestyle. For more inspiration, discover our recipes and other resources for conscious cooks