Blu. Conscious Cookware For The Conscious Cook.

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Frying Pan

20cm Frying Pan

Casserole Pot

24cm Casserole Pot with lid

Sauce Pan

20cm Sauce Pan with lid


34x24cm Roaster with rack and lid

Grill Pan

28cm Grill Pan

Frying Pan

32cm Frying Pan


32cm Wok with lid

Stock Pot
Sauté Pan

28cm Sauté Pan with lid

Frying Pan

28cm Frying Pan

We've included a bamboo cleaning brush with every pan!

Eat Well And Live Well With Blu. Cookware

"Absolutely unparalleled quality! I’ve been using Blu. Cookware not only at home but also in professional kitchens where they take a real beating.
Blu. Cookware is definitely professional-quality cookware!"

— George Calombaris. Chef and Restauranteur.

"The Blu. pans perform really well. I have an electric stove which can often burn things, but the thicker heavier base meant a perfectly even cooking temperature across the whole pan"

— Adam Milosz - NPD Manager - Twinings  

"I had the honour of testing Blu. Cookware before it launched and it is now my go-to cookware choice.  Blu. heats quickly and retains its heat well, which means ingredients retain their nutrients, which is music to my ears!! I also love that Blu. is toxin-free, making it a healthy pick not only for my family but the environment too."

— Zoe Bingley-Pullin. Nutritionist and Well Being Expert.

I got my hands on the Blu. collection before it launched and was able to put it to the test at home and work too, and I have to say, Blu. is a real winner. It’s robust without being too heavy, its’ non-stick is high-performing and it retains the heat so well, and evenly too. Blu. is definitely my go-to cookware now!

— Luke Croston. Head Chef, Custom Food Solutions