Role: In-house Nutritionist, Well Being Expert and Recipe Contributor

Adv. Dip Nut, Nutritionist, Chef, Author, Presenter TV/Radio and Mummy

Introducing our esteemed in-house Nutritionist and Wellness warrior, Zoe Bingley-Pullin! As a nutritionist, chef, TV presenter and author, Zoe shares a core passion with Blu. Cookware – to help others embrace the many benefits of a more conscious lifestyle, with a strong focus on nutrition and wellness. 

Zoe’s culinary journey began in the South of France, where she honed her craft as a chef at London’s prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. Immersed in Provençal culture, Zoe uncovered a profound connection to food – one where produce was fresh and seasonal and cooking was simple – an act that nurtured both the body and soul as nature intended. 

Back home in Sydney, Australia, Zoe completed her Diploma of Nutrition, embarking on a path dedicated to supporting clients in private practice. With a specialised focus on managing hormone levels, Zoe has a bunch of skills up her sleeve. These include coaching, nutrition counselling, positive reinforcement tools and mindfulness tricks and techniques that she has mastered over the years of building her empire. Her aim? It’s just like ours: to help everyone feel confident about cooking up tasty, healthy meals that make you and your people feel amazing, no matter what your health and wellness journey looks like. 

Today, Zoe features weekly as the chef and nutritionist on Channel 7’s House of Wellness, Get Nourished cooking segment, and is a regular co-host on the House of Wellness radio show.

At Blu., we’re all about cookware that’s free from toxins and we know how important it is to team up with top-notch experts. That’s where Zoe steps in with her world of experience in the nutrition and wellness space. We’re so excited to have Zoe join us to impart some serious wisdom on living your best, healthiest and most conscious lifestyle – no matter where you are on that adventure!


IG: @zoebingleypullin

FB: nutritionaledge